Negotiations and Agreements Group Research Project

Select an issue that has recently been negotiated in an area of interest to you and explain the major elements of the negotiations process as discussed in class. The project is to be completed in groups of four (4) students and must use a minimum of seven (7) works cited. The project is due in class on the first class of Week 10 with a group presentation also during Week 10.

1. Introduction (minimum 3 pages)
• Summarize your reasons as to why the group chose this negotiation.
• Explain the history between the sides in the negotiation you selected.
• Identify the chief negotiators (by name) on each side and state their positions.
• Identify when and where the negotiations began.

2. Issues/Power (minimum 3 pages)
• Describe the main issues/barriers that separate each side.
• Explain what is at stake in this negotiation and how it affects the balance of power.
• Identify and describe which side has the most relative bargaining power and why.
• Explain what the other side can do to increase its power.

3. Strategy and Tactics (minimum 3 pages)
• Strategy: Describe in detail the strategy each negotiator is using to achieve their desired outcome.
• Tactics: Describe and evaluate three specific tactics each side is using to advance their strategy.
• Critique how the strategy and tactics each side is using is affecting their position.
• Describe the strategy and tactics your group would use to achieve your desired outcome in the same negotiation.

4. External Factors (minimum 3 pages)
• Explain how the negotiation contains elements of both cooperation and competition. Provide insight and examples from your research.
• Assess the outside influences prevalent in the negotiation (such as time, media coverage, financial implications, clients, employees, etc.) and describe the impact each has on the negotiation process.
• In your opinion did the media impact the negotiation? Explain why or why not using detailed examples.

5. Reflection (minimum 3 pages)
• Analyze the negotiation process and explain the impact and/or effect of the final outcome.
• Discuss your opinion of the negotiation supporting your opinion with detailed examples.
• Each team member must explain in detail what you learned from your research of this case and how it will benefit you in the future.
• Cover Page with Students’ Names, Course Number and Title, Date and Topic
• Paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length; All sections must be completed for credit
• The use of industry terms and concepts discussed in class is expected
• Word Processed – 12 point font, double spaced, free of grammatical and spelling errors
• Reference Page with a minimum of seven (7) works cited
• Organization – put sections in order, title each section and list the question above the answer Example:
1. Introduction
A. Summarize your reasons as to why you chose this negotiation.
Detailed Answer

B. Explain the history between the sides in the negotiation you selected.
Detailed Answer

Project Evaluation