literature review

Submit a comprehensive literature review presenting an analysis* of current expert thought on a question of your choice exploring a contemporary health issue. It should be either an article that could be sent to a health journal for possible publication, or an edited draft of the literature review chapter of a research thesis.
*This means you must provide your own analyses and syntheses of the literature. This task requires more than the summaries of individual articles. If you are unclear about this instruction, go back to the relevant learning materials in the unit and revise.
Marking/Assessment criteria for Assignment 2
Criteria Example of application Weighting
• Organisation of material • The content of the report is organised into sections such as: Abstract, Introduction/Background, Research method and results, Discussion/Implications (Own analyses of the themes that are drawn from literature review), Limitations, Conclusion and reference list.
• The report answers the research questions raised in Assessment 1. However, there should not be any unnecessary duplication of content from Assignment 1.
Critical Analysis:
• logically developed argument
• presentation of accurate evidence • The introduction/background clearly explains the value addition of the literature review and provides evidence of such value addition in the discussion.
• The report provides accurate and detailed information for the method, results, limitation etc.
• The report provides own analysis and synthesis of the literature.
– The analysis is thorough e.g. covering both the supporting and opposing views of the literature.
– The synthesis addresses implications to practice and literature. However, it is important not to expand the implications of your work beyond what is reasonable from the evidence in the report.
– It is absolutely necessary not to make the report just a summary of individual articles. 35%
• appropriate sources used
• appropriate acknowledgement of sources
• consistent and appropriate referencing method • Accessed different sources (e.g. scholarly text books, peer reviewed journals, reports from government and non-government agencies, conference proceedings, fact books in printed or electronic versions) in engaging with the relevant literature
• Referred to adequate number of literatures; e.g. 20 for HS454, 25 for HS554A and 50 for HS554B (guide only). Remember there are 2 types of sources included in a literature review. The number of articles included for review should arise from a sound search strategy
• References should be as current as possible. For instance, literature published before last 10 years will not attract marks, unless the old literature has justified and specific foundational value.
• APA referencing style in consistently followed
• The reference list can consist of both the research article you reviewed and the other supporting materials. 25%
• imaginative and creative approach • The report has an ‘out of the box’ thinking approach in addressing the research question/s
• The research discussion provided innovative and well-articulated ideas for relevant contemporary health topic 10%
Writing style
• clarity
• fluency
• succinctness The writing style should correspond to either that of an article that could be sent to a health journal for possible publication (check the guidelines for the particular journal, submit as appendix, or provide hyper link), or an edited draft of the literature review chapter of a research thesis. For example,
• Sentences do not sound ambiguous and/or are not too long.
• Content of the report flows logically and has good clarity. 5%
Use of language
• Sentences reflect a good communication skill in general • grammatical sentences
• correct spelling throughout
• correct punctuation throughout 5%
• Professional layout reflecting legibility and clarity • A title page containing; i) Student name, number & course ii) Assignment number & assignment title written in full iii) Unit number & name iv) Name of the unit coordinator v) Due date of the assignment
• Table of Contents
• Appropriate section headings
• Titles for Tables and Figures
• Double-line spacing
• Legible font size (12 font) and type
• Appropriate length in consistence to the prescribed word limit. 5%
Note: Students are encouraged to add to the sample format provided in this table.
You must use the APA referencing system. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples (Between 2008-2015)
Marking criteria
Please refer to the marking criteria above when preparing your assignment.
Follow the instructions below to upload your completed assignment file and submit it for marking. Please ensure you read carefully your Turn it In Report BEFORE your final submission. Make any necessary amendments to your in text citations and reference list prior to your final submission. Seek help from the Academic Skills Office if you are unsure. Please ensure you are familiar with the Student policies on Assessment, Academic Integrity and plagiarism.

This is the feedback from assignment 1 (please make an adjustment as it’s very important).

NAME OF STUDENT: Ola Amuda Word count: 1879

Criteria Weighting

Structure & relevance of topic /30 /30 /20 /5 /5 /5 /5 Total
Critical Analysis: logical development of argument & presentation of accurate evidence
Sources: appropriate sources used, acknowledged in text, and reference method
Originality: ability to reformulated concepts in own words, imaginative and creative approach
Writing Style: clarity, fluency, succinctness
Use of Language: sentences reflet a good communication style
Presentation: professional layout reflecting legibility and clarity

Total mark adjusted to 30% weighting 12/30
Ola you seem confused as to the requirements of this assignment

You are required to investigate a research question using a review of the published literature. You have given a clear outline of a research question that is appropriate and relevant for a literature review. However yu then go on to outline factors that you would need to consider for a research or clinical trial. You are not doing a clinical trial so this is not relevant to this assignment.

Please contact Yoni so she can give you more detailed feedback on this assignment and the requirements for assignment 2

Ola, I support Gina’s feedback and grade to you on this assignment. My advice is that you focus on the clinical research question you set up, and use the PICO framework to produce your literature review, so that at the end of the day you are able to make some clear recommendations for practice and patient education. So as you prepare for you final assignment, remember to follow the guidelines in the unit, stay focused on your research question. It is always a good idea to print it off in large print so you can see and keep in mind what you are writing to. I also suggest you have a good look at the Evidence based nursing journals for some guidance on how authors work the literature to answer clinical questions.
go well with your final assignment, we look forward to seeing you integrate this feedback. It is possible to make up the ground, as you think and write well. But focus is your challenge.