fieldwork research

fieldwork research
What is the location and the culture you are researching? What is the history of the religion, culture or cuisine you are researching? What are the colors and sounds, music of the environment? How is the business decorated? What are the smells and tastes of the food or beverage? (you must taste something if researching a cafe or market) What did you taste? what are the ingredients? What is the name of one of the employees? Where are they from? Which language do they speak? How long have they worked at this business? What are your thoughts on your field work experience? What did you learn? Remember to take 5 photographs of your fieldwork location, you must be in one of the photographs!
Your paper should include the following sections:
Page I: The introduction will explain the history of your topic from at least 5 academic references. You should also mention why you chose this topic and fieldwork location.
Page 2. As a participant observer, you are yourself the key instrument of research. Discuss what you notice, how you react, what you find normal and what you find problematic, the questions you ask and the way you interpret people’s answers–all these are affected by who you are at this point in your life. So include your thoughts and observations, but remember to practice cultural relativism How would you characterize your attitudes about this chosen topic before you started this course and this fieldwork?
Page 3. The closing should have reflections about your fieldwork experience and what new things you have learned by interacting in this new environment.
Page 4. Will contain 5 or more detailed photos explaining the environment. You must be in one of the photos at the fieldwork site. Photograph menus or church services, and the building you visited. Also photograph the person you interviewed, rituals you watched, and or food you ate or drank.
Page 5. Will be your reference list of at least 5 academic sources on the topic of your fieldwork site also remember to cite your textbook!