Confucian Analects

Analects To Be Considered For Your Research Paper
Pick one of the six aphorisms from the Confucian Analects provided below to write about in your research paper. Tell me why the particular aphorism you choose is relevant to an aspect of China’s economic, social, intellectual, political, or cultural history.
1.5 The Master said: To guide a state great enough to possess a thousand war chariots: be attentive to affairs and trustworthy; regulate expenditures and treat persons as valuable; employ the people according to the proper season.
2.3 The Master said: Guide them with policies and align them with punishments and the people will evade them and have no shame. Guide them with de (virtue) and align them with li (disciplines of personal conduct) and the people will have a sense of shame and fulfill their roles.
2.19 Duke Ai asked, “What should I do so that the people will obey? ” Confucius replied, “Raise up the straight and set them above the crooked and the people will obey. Raise up the crooked and set them above the straight and the people will not obey.”
13:6 The Master said: If a ruler sets himself right, he will be followed without his command. If he does not set himself right, even his commands will not be obeyed.
13.13 The Master said: if one can make his person upright, then what difficulty will he have in taking part in governance? If he cannot make his person upright, how can he make others upright?
17:2 The Master said: By nature men are pretty much alike; it is learning and practice that set them apart.