Childhood Gender Nonconformity (CGN

Composing an Annotated Bibliography for Your Project:

Using the three links provided on the right, learn how to create an annotated bibliography (a bibliography with brief descriptions of each source and how it will be useful.)

Your final annotated bibliography should have 10-15 entries, and this “working bibliography” should have at least 10 articles cited. You may include books, academic journal articles, and websites. However, most of your references (at least 70%) for this draft annotated bibliography should be academic quality journal articles or books. You should refer to at least one book and at least one website. In this “working bibliography” assignment, please submit all the annotated bibliography entries you have made so far to show your progress toward completing the final project. It is expected that you might end up needing to change some of your references for the final draft that you submit for the final project in the references/annotated bibliography section