Chidhood and Youth Research in Practice

Assignment criteria: Your review MUST attend to the following:

1. Provide a brief summary of the protocol you have chosen to review by outlining (i) the research aims, (ii) the methods used, and (iii) the role of children (500 words)

2. Summarise all aspects of the protocol and study design that demonstrate that the ethical and research governance aspects of this study have been considered thoroughly. Applying a children’s rights framework, give practical examples of what the investigator could do to incorporate a child or young person’s perspective (1000 words)

3. Design a participant information sheet for the children or young people participating in the study. Make sure this clearly informs them about the research and their participation so they are able to make an informed decision about their consent (500 words)

You may want to refer to several types of literature including: (i) work which discusses research ethics in general; (ii) work which discusses research ethics specific to vulnerable groups; (iii) other relevant research articles which provide examples or arguments which help you develop your review of the ethical and research governance aspects of the study protocol