Statistical Concepts for Research

Statistical Concepts for Research

Statement of the problem
Literature review
The learner will find three (3) relevant research articles which:

Support the importance of your problem,
Discuss previous work on modeling/analysis in the area, and
Cover technical aspects of the methods from class.
At least three of your articles must be peer-reviewed, full-text articles from scholarly journals.

Note: In this exercise, only submit an outline and references in APA format. You can have short summaries under the headings but do not submit the entire paper. In the Final Paper, you will explore in detail one of the statistical research approaches discussed in the course, applying it in the context of a specific application or methodological study. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic of your choice, and gain experience in translating these ideas into practice.

Begin by choosing an application domain, data set, or methodological question of interest to you that incorporates at least one of the statistical methods presented in the course. You are encouraged to choose research problems relevant to your own research interests and activities related to business, economics, finance, management, social science, health, psychology or education. The length of the paper will be six to eight pages, including the title page and reference page.