Project report

Project Report
Approved Project Question
1. What are the risks of inappropriate utilization of equipment and disposal of sharps in a perioperative setting by nurses and other theatre staff?
Explenation why I have chosen this question: Firstly, during my clinical placement I noticed that there was not sharps bins especially in scrub/scout preparation room and just one in a theatre. Secondly, frequently usage of inappropriately protected equipment for a sterile field (x-ray machine, monitors, microscopes, blanket heater…..)
 Discuss your approved project question including background and rationale for choice (100 words)
 Find five (5) journal articles related specifically to your approved question and provide a synopsis of your understanding of these articles. These articles MUST be either peer-reviewed primary research journal articles or systematic reviews. (400 words). You must put some research findings (statistics) related to question
 Discuss your observations in light of your readings. (500 words)
• Question-Extensively discusses the background of the question providing insightful analyses of the rationale/ Describe why this problem/issue is of interest to you and how it came to your attention
• Evidence-Provides extensive and detailed synopsis of the literature. Thoroughly critiques articles considering strengths and weakness of evidence provided. Clarifies evidence in support of alternative views. All literature is peer reviewed or primary resources from credible contemporary sources
• Observation, Analysis & Evaluation-Thoroughly analyses clinical practice in relation to the question. Discriminates rationally using reasonable judgment when evaluating and critiquing clinical practice against contemporary literature. Provides extensive consideration for changes to practice based on findings