Book Appraisal Proposal

This assignment is for my International Political Economy
Class, I want from you to write one page paper following the professor instructions below:
Here are the instructions from the professor:
– Make sure you write an overview about the book not a summary, you don’t need to read the whole book now you can read a summary about it if available online.
– Also, mention what is your expectation from this book like what you want to learn from it.
– Don’t forget to include two other books from the list that you want to compare and contrast with the first book you chose to write about in your book appraisal. You can just write the name of the books and the authors at the end of your book appraisal proposal. Also you can write briefly about the books (for example: the name of the book, the authors, the theme, and a few sentences about it in general) it’s up to you at the end be creative.
– All this must be in one page, no more than one page will be allowed.
• All reports will use Times New Roman font, 12 pitch and double line spacing. All written reports will consist of 1 page plus separate citations sheet.
• For all writing assignments the following shall apply: Completion of general requirements (above) – 60% / Grammar, spelling & sentence structure – 20% / Relativity of content – 20%
**This will be checked on Safe assign, and multiple databases to prevent plagiarism. Please be careful**