Tourism development in middle east

Tourism development in middle east
Order type: Research Paper
Research Proposal
Title: Tourism development in Middle-East
Aim: The aim of this research proposal is to explore the development in Middle-East in last decade or so (year 2000 onward) regarding tourism sector. In particular this research focuses on the opportunities and the barriers in this region that affected for tourism sector recent years.
Statement of purpose
The prior idea behind the research is to examine the key elements of Middle East?s tourism and its current scenario comparing with other regions in the globe. An immense effort will be taken place throughout this research to analyze the new tourist markets in Middle East.
Another major objective of this research is to investigate current and future issues in the region on behalf of tourism and to suggest reasonable solutions for those particular matters. Opportunities and threats will be diagnosed during the research and set of recommendations will be explained for tourism sector in this region.
The questions below will be answered throughout this research.
1. What types of tourist do travel into Middle East?
2. What are the push and full factors for the tourism in the
3. How the tourism can be developed in Middle East?
4. Why the region was unpopular among tourists?
5. What are the steps that the governments can take to develop tourism in Middle East?

Research methods
Secondary research will be carried out throughout the research and above topic area will be carefully examined and critically analyzed. Text books, academic journals, trade press, magazines, internet sources, case studies, statistics, reports etc. will be used to support the argument.
Some of the key references that will be going to use throughout the research are?
1. Fyall A, Garrod B, Leask A. (2003). Managing VisitorAttractions: New Directions. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.
2. Sharpley R. (2002). The challenges of economic diversification through tourism: the case of Abu Dhabi. International Journal of Tourism Research,
3, ʺResolution on Tourism Developmentʺ (September 2006) the 5thSession of Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers in Baku,
4, WTO. (2005b). Tourism Highlights Edition 2005. World Tourism Organization: Madrid