The Research on Media Image of Ordinary People in China-taking the program the voice of chin

I study mass communication master degree.In this unit the professor let me initiate a substantial research project in a specialist media topic(I have been chose) related to key issues of media and communications .based on the research proposal elaborated in the Unit MED502-6(I will sent to you under ) Research Methods, approved by your course co-ordinator, supervised by an academic supervisor). Syllabus Content Workshops on the main research methods (theory and practices). E.g.: survey, content analysis, qualitative interview, participant observation, and visual analysis.
On completion of this unit you
should be able to:
Threshold criteria Assessment
Critically evaluate the
approaches, research design
and methodologies relevant to /
suitable for an area of study in
the media.
Be able to select and use the appropriate
theoretical framework and methodology for the
chosen area/topic of research
Write a clear, and internally consistent
dissertation, expressing your research design and
critical evaluation of your chosen methodologies
in the form of an effective research
design/methodology statement for your chosen
Submit a research journal, documenting research
activities as they are undertaken.

In this unit you will develop research skills and communicative skills, in order to express your ideas to your supervisor, your unit co-ordinator and your fellow students, and write a clear and academic appropriate dissertation. Contextual understanding In this unit you will understand how to conduct a research, critically reflecting on theoretical frameworks and methodologies appropriate for an area of study in the media