T-Test I4

Identify a research problem different from the previous research problems that uses two sets of data that have absolute zero measurements (Ratio data). You may use recorded data or made up data. The n sample size should be at least 10 in each set, but not more than 29. Prepare a paper describing the research problem, research purpose and one research question. Include a definition of the variables you are measuring. List the data. List alpha, the null and alternative hypothesis, and give a brief back ground. Do MegaStat descriptive statistics on the data, graph the data with a runs plot, and do data analysis describing the data. Interpret the Goodness of Fit  p-value to decide if the data is parametric (normal) or nonparametric. Run MegaStat, Hypothesis Tests, Compare Two Independent Groups, T-Test (Pooled Variance), Hypothesized Difference: Zero, highlight both data sets with labels. State your results, conclusion and recommendations. Use the I4 sample as a guide. This paper should be between 900-1200 words. Post as an individual assignment. Title the document file “T-Test I4”.