Research Paper Guide

This paper will be based on Agricultural products companies that have adopted ecommerce based systems for selling their products online and how that has helped their business to increase their sales and expose them to both national and global markets. The issue would be if these companies did not rely on ecommerce that they would not be competitive in today’s markets and would pay more costs in advertising their items. This paper needs to have an in depth analysis using a Quantitative analysis model such as regression models and forecast of sales and historical data showing the level of sales over time. There must be charts and graphs along with tables that show how the calculations were performed.

In this course, you will examine a problem or issue through the lens of Quantitative Analysis. This means that you must choose a project that is very specific, focused, and one on which you have a grasp of the inputs, process, and outputs. It would be beneficial if you could work with a specific issue in your workplace, as it moves the theory to practice, and you can improve your work life by applying the lessons from this course.
You will work on the project throughout this course, help one another by discussing your ideas in the Discussion Board, and hone your skill sets through collegial debate. Your paper will be approximately 10-20 pages in length, formatted in current APA format, include tables and/or figures, and have the following headings:
• Introduction: A brief section that describes the symptom that you noticed, and provides readers with an understanding of the process.
• Description of Problem: Developed through the Module 2 discussion forum.
• Methodology: Developed through the Module 5 discussion forum.
• Data collection: Developed through the Module 6 discussion forum.
• Data Analysis: Developed through the Module 7 discussion forum.
• Recommendations: Your interpretation of the analysis; provides readers with your ideas of your next logical steps. This could be a formal presentation to your boss, or perhaps a team meeting to highlight the issue, or so forth.

This paper should be much like the case studies at the end of the textbook chapters. The introduction is the part of the case that is printed in the textbook. The remainder of the paper contains the details of how you collected the data and did the analysis. It will then end with the findings and recommendation. As a resource, a template containing preformatted headings is provided for download. Using this template will take some of the work out of doing a paper. You can add subheadings as necessary. In Chapter I, if you do not use any of the several subheadings there, just delete that section.
I will need to have the data sources and methodology used for my class modules. I am currently in module 4.

Their is a free software program that can be used to generate the data for the graphs from called QM for Windows and an excel QM version . The text book I am using is Quantitative Analysis for Management 12 th edition by Barry Render.