research paper

The Assignment – An Article Review

1. Select a research article from the WCJC online library.

Choose a topic to research from the list provided.
Find an article acceptable for this assignment. Finding an article may take you more time that it first appears.
The research conducted must be one of the following:
a survey
correlational research
an experiment (has independent and dependent variables)
NO archival research or case studies, please
The article must be in PDF format.
Write a scientific/formal review of the article (3-3.5 pages) summarizing the article in APA format.
This review will include answers to the following questions.

A. What is the hypothesis?

B. What are the variables? This simply means: what are they studying?

C. What research method was utilized in the study? Describe.

D. Who were the participants?

E. What is the summary of the findings?

F. What are the limitations to the study?

G. What could be possible extensions to the research?

Your task is to simply answer the questions in paragraph format. That is all. I simply want approximately 5 pages: a title page, the body of the paper (approximately. 3 pages answering A-G; an introduction and concluding paragraph), and a reference page. With all the instructions, this looks like a long and complicated assignment, but I assure you it is not. 🙂 This assignment can be quick and easy or it can be long and drawn out. It all depends on you as a group, and you as an individual member.