Research on project management

Research on project management applied to new product development in Western, compared in China
just infrom that my dissertation title is how the project management applied to new product development in Western, compared to this in China. I want you do the comparative case analysis to find some differences on new product project development according cultural difference, and then give some strategies to help Chinese project improvement within the help of Western successful new project process. I hope you select constriction industry (please one in China, one in UK, you can fake out it if possible to respectively discribe new project process (attached graphs), and I will give you some helpful documents. You have better do some interview notes or questionnaire investigation.

Actually I have done some parts of dissertation including literature review and research methodology, but I am worried about my capability that hardly to handle the research discussion. But I can provide some ideas to you via my PPT display. Firstly I have written my case study through BYD vs Tesla to research auto industry differences. You should follow the same method to imitate the method to research construction company for all general project development process involving all related matters focused.I think you have better to focus long power distance or collectivism led to weak project team;the uncertainty avoidance to say weak management of change, especially management changing customer/client requests that adding change of management model. Finally talk about concurrent engineering model.
Thanks I think you can do high quality paper for me.