Qualitative Research Methods

Topic: Qualitative Research Methods
I have uploaded my STUDY GUIDE and in this you will find 10 topic and each topic contains few ONLINE ACTIVITY, such as follows:
Topic -1: online activity 1.1 (page no- 17)
Topic -2: online activity 2.2 (page no- 30) and you need reading 2.2,
Topic -3: online activity 3.1 (page no- 46) and you need reading 3.2
Topic -4: There are no activity so leave this topic.
Topic -5: online activity 5.1 (page no- 63),
Topic -6: online activity 6.1(page no- 72) and you need reading 6.1 and 6.2,
Topic -7: online activity 7.1 (page no- 82) and you need reading 7.1
Topic -8: online activity 8.1 (page no- 91)
Topic -9: online activity 9.1 (page no- 98) and you need reading 9.3 – 9.5
Topic -10: online activity 10.1 (page no- 108)
That means there 12 ONLINE ACTIVITY that has to be done and the words are mentioned in each activity..and all the activity needs references; in-text as well as references list……. and if you see any other activity such as “Online Activity Critique” do not have to those activity.
I am also uploading few files for reading that are needed for this assignment. The reason why I am sending you the whole study guide, now you will get to know because all activity needs some informations from them.
If you feel anything confusing please feel free to ask me.