Poverty and Early Childhood development

Describe, in detail, the effects that Poverty has on Early Child hood development, using a multi-dimensional perspective.

A. Research the social problem in at least 4 sources (texts, scholarly articles, preferably no more than 8 years old) that include non-required and required readings, and provide both a historical perspective of the problem and a detailed overview of the problem from a macro perspective.
B. Provide a detailed description of the chosen life stage, utilizing information from required readings and demonstrating a solid understanding of what the different perspectives and theories have to say about the particular stage. (What ages are covered in this stage? What are the tasks, etc.?)
C. Demonstrate how the social problem can and does impact development during the particular stage in question. Consider all aspects of development (cognitive, moral, biological, etc.), and how this problem may impact on the individual and the systems that they are a part of (for instance, if you chose alcoholism and middle childhood, it is likely that the alcoholic is not the child, but a parent. Write about how alcoholism in the family impacts on that child’s development. Then, write about how that child’s developmental response to the problem may impact the systems they are a part of, such as friendships, the school system, the community, etc.).
D. Discuss resiliency and its relevance to what you’ve been writing about. Identify developmental risk and protective factors as they relate to the individual’s level of resilience during the particular life stage. Using the theory of resiliency, how might social work interventions (from both macro and micro perspectives) positively impact someone in the chosen life stage? What interventions (macro/micro) might be constructed to deal with this problem at this particular life stage? Are there best practices already being employed with this problem and life stage? What challenges to these interventions exist? This is an extremely important part of your paper.


Be sure to include how issues of gender, class, geography, culture, oppression, economic climate, and other macro issues have impact on what you’ve been discussing.


You should not be self-referential in this paper, refer to APA format for point of view (use the third person point of view the study showed instead of I studied). You must use all required texts for this paper (Hutchison, Carter and McGoldrick, Herman, Greene), in addition to references from required and suggested journal articles. There should be multiple references from each required text. References should support your arguments, and demonstrate an integration of thought and understanding, not merely statements plucked from text. APA format will be used.

You may use current news articles from respected news sources (such as NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek) to support your arguments. Wikipedia is not a scholarly reference and should not be used.




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