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How the Impact of poor American-International Students Friendship on the International Students’ English Speaking Skills
Your Research Methodology and Design
You need to select one of the methods(Survey,experiment, and field research) that we have been studying that seems to best fit the needs of your research question. In other words, describe how you will operationalize you research question of interest. While it may be that more than one method could be employed, you should settle on one method, then describe why it is appropriate or fits the needs of your question of interest (i.e., theory testing vs. theory building; looking for causal relationship; exploration; description, etc.). This will be your rationale for the design choice. You will also provide some detail as to the specific elements of the design, appropriate to the method. For survey, for example, you would identify the population of interest, and describe your sampling plan.
For an experiment, you need to describe the independent variable(s), the dependent variable(s), and how random assignment to condition will be achieved. You should use the language appropriate to the method in describing the variables of interest, the measures to be implemented, the hypotheses tested, the data collection plan, etc. See examples below. You can use the article assignments on each method as other examples to guide you.