Module 6 Researching Statutes and Regulations

Could you please assist me for this assignment? It is one assignment and 5 practices. (References & Recourses should as mentioned in the assignment and worksheets)

1. Assignment Statutes and Regulations Homework (Attached)

Please assist me to do the assignment mentioning case by case number in order for me to follow up your answers smoothly.

2. Crazy Statutes! (Attached)

3. Regulations In-Class Exercise (Attached)

4. Statutes and Regulations Exercise for FREE Resources (Attached)

5. Statutes and Regulations In-Class Exercise Answer Key (Attached)

6. Statutes and Regulations In-Class Exercise (Attached)

In practices worksheet I prefer to solve the question at the same paper (question by question)

Note: regarding number of pages/words I will select 9 pages and if you need more pages I agree to charge me and I will pay the cost amount.