Mobile and Cellular: Small Cell Towers

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The objective of this project is to develop a research paper on an area of Emerging Technology. Approach the project as if you were recommending technology implementation initiatives to your corporation’s technology planning committee. The analysis will have 2 sections.

First examine the view that suggests that the technology you choose is a good emerging technology, and then discuss the implications of stakeholders ( implications for the corporation (i.e cost/benefit analysis), integration considerations, impact on company’s employees and operational concerns (i.e increased productivity/efficiency, short term challenges versus long term benefits) for management, technical staff, non technical staff, the company’s customers and clients, and other business partners of your selected corporation).

Second, contrast and compare the benefits of the emerging technology you chose, as compared to past successful or unsuccessful telecommunications technologies you have in place. To what extent should the corporation change it’s technology foundation? Include current information on how the technology works. If you believe this is the best choice for the corporation, provide your rationale (why). Please examine and discuss each element of this Objective.