Marketing Research Survey Report

Topic: Marketing Research Survey Report
For of all, you need to know how to use IBM SPSS statistics 21.0.
1. Collect data (surveys or interview responses) —I already did for you
2. Input and analyse the data using SPSS and/or Microsoft Excel.- I already did for you, and I will submit it
3. Prepare and submit your report, following the format set out below (refer to chapter 11 of your textbook for additional details):
1. Title page (including disclaimer statement)
2. Letter of transmittal (to the client/ business/ lecturer)
3. Executive summary – summary of entire report in 1 page.
4. Table of contents incl. list of tables/graphs/exhibits and appendices
5. Problem definition and research objectives using literature and/or industry data to support
6. Methodology discuss the methodology and briefly critique the questions.
7. Data analysis & results
8. Limitations and caveats
9. Recommendations and conclusions
10. Reference list
11. Appendices – which may include:
• Data collection forms (eg: copy of survey/ interview questions) • Disc with SPSS data on it or interview responses
• Detailed calculations (if used)
Word limit: 3,000 words (excluding appendix).