Management or organizational behaviour

Management or organizational behaviour – Research Paper

The other paper is a research paper. The due date for the paper is September 13.Submit a research paper proposal that is due This Thursday as well. The research paper proposal needs to include A Thesis statement, A brief outline of the paper, and list 3 references that plan to be used. Students will prepare a research paper on either a management or organizational behavior topic. NOTE: The subject of the Individual Research Paper must be different from that of the Student Led Seminar Topic. Papers shall not exceed 25. pages in length, not counting end notes and works cited, double-spaced. Use twelve point type and 1” margins for the top, bottom and sides. Underline your thesis statement. This is a current research piece, and shall be reviewed for hard facts, quality of writing, clarity of issues, analytical skills, and supporting research. Both sides of the issue must be addressed. At least seven (7) sources (excluding textbooks) are required in any research piece. At least five (5) of your references should be from the year 2000 or more recently. Your research effort should synthesize information from a variety of sources relative to the topic you have chosen. The MLA Format will be followed in preparing your papers.Find the Purdue OWL an excellent resource for MLA formatting information. Failure to follow the MLA format will result in the loss of one letter grade for the paper. NOTE: Students are to attach the approved Research Paper Proposal form as the last document of the paper.