Legalization of coca leaves from Peru and the U.N views on it.

Topic: Legalization of coca leaves from Peru and the U.N views on it.

Order type: Research Paper


Thesis & Motive:


The paper’s main argument or claim, stated clearly at the outset and evolving throughout the paper.
Motive: why the paper’s key question(s) and thesis are interesting and important—the motivation for the paper.


The evidence presented to support the argument and analysis, drawn from at least six academic sources. The evidence used should be the best available and include precise examples and quotations, though not so many as to lose one’s own voice.


Takes the evidence beyond mere description or reporting; explores the evidence in insightful ways to support the paper’s claims; makes the paper interesting and exciting to read.


The organization and logic of the presentation of the argument, including introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and appropriate transitions.


The writing, including:
1) Formatting (grammar, punctuation, title, citations, works cited page, pages numbered, careful proofreading, appropriate length, etc.),
2) Clarity (clear, easily understandable prose; a clear thesis or point for each paragraph), and
3) Creativity (varying, engrossing and sophisticated prose).

Topic: Preparation on private placement memorandum for a venture capital fund

Order type: Research Paper
Do the same one as before, but also extra on the question before. This time focus on China. Maybe some big city in China.
1. Please find out which city in china has the biggest demand for the use of electricity/energy. Also, which city has the highest volume of CO2 emission
2. So please find out the data of CO2 emission and the cause of CO2 emission of major cities in China

3. Please do research on 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, find out the target amount of CO2 reduction committed by China.