Effect of Kyoto Protocol in regards to climate change problems between 1997-2010.

How effective has Kyoto Protocol been in addressing climate change issues?

What have been major successes and failures?

Can Kyoto Protocol succeed without US participation? What role did US play in 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit?
-Here are the specific instructions for the paper.
The Kyoto Protocol will be the international treaty that you will be looking at, so you will need to address the idea of global climate change (the problem), talk about the law itself (the protocol and subsequent efforts, i.e. Copenhagen Accords, etc.), the climate change regime, the division between the global north (developed countries) and global south (developing countries), the issue of compliance in regards to environment, and some analysis if the law will adequately address the issue. The questions about US involvement are also essential.

-These instructions are for citation and sources.
1. use Chicago style citation and endnotes, provide full citation of the source and include page number as well
2.Dont use internet sources, use electronic database Lexis-Nexis, law scholarly journals, law review articles and books.





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