Disaster Recovery Research Paper

Disaster Recovery Research Paper
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Type Research Paper
Level Bachelor
Style APA
Number of pages/words 6 pages / 1650 words
Deadline 3 pages by Nov 10th 9 pm your time, complete by Nov 11th 3 pm
your time
CPP $2.65
Paper instructions:
Payment complete..Please make sure the writer uses the EBSCO database for all
the cites used for this paper. If writer has trouble access EBSCO, please let
me now. Please, dont complete the paper without using the database.
ask admin for more info
20131105064434 – last paper from another writer
comments: “The writer just seems to talk about disasters, which is cool, but
how did the disaster affect a company, how did the company recover, etc? The
main topic is technology. Please re-read the instructions that was sent with
the paper “
“This paper just doesn’t fit good for the assignment. First off for the York
flood disaster ,documents being wet and then air dried doesn’t really call for
a good “example.” of disaster recovery plan in action.
For the construction company one, how is the a disaster talked even a disaster?
A disaster recovery plan in IT would go into effect when something like a
hurricane, tornadoe, fire, flood, theft, Hacking, etc anything that causes a
company to lose it current info/data and would for the backups or hot sites to
be active.
The disaster listed with flood, I wouldn’t really call wet documents being a
“disaster” and I really wouldn’t define drying the documents a satisfactory IT
disaster recovery plan. This needs to be re written, possibly by a writer who
understands the instructions the was given.”
“The 6 page order is the order that needs to be revised and changed asap. Just
please deliver a good paper”