Define target audience and corporate messaging.

Select any hospitality organization such as a particular hotel, restaurant, fast food operation, convention bureau, and etc. Research the specific company so that you have enough data to complete the assignment. Assume the role of an outside marketing consultant for your selected hospitality organization.

• Prepare a 1,100- to 1,500-word paper geared toward your selected organization’s management in which you evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Discuss the following:

o Define target audience and corporate messaging.
o Define and discuss brand image.
o Define and discuss internal marketing.
o Analyze your selected organization and its marketing efforts. Using this research, identify the organization’s desired target audience. In addition, identify the message conveyed by the organization’s marketing efforts. Analyze and discuss whether or not the message properly targeted the desired audience. If so, how? If not, discuss why this is the case and how the organization might modify its marketing strategies to better target its desired audience.
o Analyze and discuss how and why the organization’s marketing strategies affect the organization’s brand image. Does the current marketing strategy support the brand image that the organization’s is trying to convey? Why or why not?
o Analyze and explain any internal marketing efforts within your selected organization, and if they are effective. If you uncover areas for improvement, make the appropriate recommendations supported by your analysis.
o Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (Rough Draft & Completed Paper).