childhood obesity prevention.

Topic: Needs assessments for rural and regional Victoria in the area of childhood obesity prevention.
This is a minor project I am doing for my final year at uni. I have already wrote the project proposal and define its aims. What I need you to do is to write the methods, discussion and conclusion chapters of this project. I will provide all the material and references needed along with the intro+background chapter. No articles or referencing from outside ” Just from the ones I provide”. It is important to meet all the requirement needed. I will provide u with my supervisor feedback. I need a DRAFT every Wednesday to see how long you have done and give you instructions. Communication is important! I expect a premium quality of writing! Developing a design for a research or evaluation study in an area of health promotion and public health. The protocol includes a brief literature review, study design and methods. I have just uploaded the project information which include the whole project aims. I am doing the aim number 2: To conduct a needs assessment with the initiatives identified by the advanced mapping project to identify any barriers and enablers to adopting best practice in community-based obesity prevention initiatives.
More instructors will be updated via messages. Please provide the best work you could.