auto CAD Design

Topic: auto CAD Design
First do some research on fall arrest devices. There is lots of information out there about them. You will see that the device you need to design incorporates a retractable 5m cable. The idea is that workers can proceed with their jobs largely unhindered when attached to the device (the device itself is firmly fixed to an immovable framework).
So one key feature of the device is a pulley on which cable spools on/off and a retract spring stops the cable from hanging loose (this is very similar to a steel tape measure action but on a larger scale).
The second key feature is a mechanism that senses when a person is falling i.e. when the cable is accelerated suddenly it locks-up to prevent the person free-falling (this is similar to a car seat-belt action).
A third (less essential) feature that you can consider is an extra mechanism that creates some “give” on the cable i.e. it doesn’t lock solidly as this can create whip-lash type injuries.
You need to combine all these into a self-contained unit and produce engineering drawings to illustrate it fully.
Marks will be apportioned similar to the previous assignment (but you do not need to produce a poster in this case)