The barriers and challenges of report writing related to radiologists’ use of Automated Voice Recognition (AVR)The barriers and challenges of report writing related to radiologists’ use of Automated Voice Recognition (AVR)

Nature of the paper
The paper should be a typical synthesis of the 3 articles attached to this order. Students will select 2-3 themes that are covered in each paper and will discuss how each respective paper treats these themes. Furthermore, students should be able to critically review the papers, meaning that any weaknesses in the papers� methodologies should be revealed as they pertain to the 2-3 themes chosen. Papers will usually end up being at least 1,000 words but may not go over 1,500 words. This total does not include references/bibliography!
Format of Paper
� Introduction/Summary ?
� Overview of themes ?
� Theme 1 � How papers treat it; weaknesses ?
� Theme 2 � How papers treat it; weaknesses ?
� (Optional theme 3) ?
� Conclusions ?
� References/Bibliography ?
o In addition to your 2-3 main papers, you may supplement your synthesis & logic with additional works � These additional citations can be other published research papers, textbooks, or published news articles (online or print).
o Bibliography and inline citations
� Should follow either a sequential (IEEE/Vancouver) or expanded inline (APA) format.
� Students ARE allowed to use a tool such as EndNote or Zotero to cite inline and create their bibliographies.

General Grading Rubric: What instructors look for
� Correct use of English spelling, grammar, and syntax ?
� Correct treatment of data and logic from the 2-3 papers you wish to synthesize ?
� Overall logic and flow of written text?
� Appropriate paper length (1,000-maximum 1,500 words) ?
� Adherence to synthesis format (organization; guidelines above) ?
� Legibility/Visual Neatness ?
o Visual Formatting (General)
� May use our standard 12 point, 1.5-spaced requirement ?
� Alternately, pick a format or template from journal of your choice; please ?reference this template in the reference list on your final paper itself.
o Paragraphs and titles should be organized and legible.
� Usage of headings where necessary
� What to not do � Put headings at the bottom line of a page (etc.)
� Format of bibliographies and inline citations.