Ownership structure and corporate voluntary disclosure

 Ownership structure and corporate voluntary disclosure — listed companies in China

1) Types of ownership structure(Block holder ownership, Managerial ownership, State ownership, Legal person ownership, Foreign listing/share ownership)
2) Voluntary disclosure
3) Liner-multiple regression analysis
4) Standard of the report (Important);


• What is the paper about?

• Why is this of interest and to whom?

• Briefly, where does the present contribution lie in the existing literature?

• Briefly, what is the argument and what are the findings of the paper?

• How is the paper organised by section?
 Section 2 (usually literature review, pick a more interesting title)

• What is going to be covered in this section?

• Present only material directly relevant to the present research.

• Give a conclusion to the section, and use this to set up the motivation for the present research.
Section 3 (usually research design for present work)

• Briefly review the motivation adopted from section 2.

• Develop the research hypotheses, measurement of variables, and estimation methods.
Section 4 (presentation of original analysis)

• Describe sample selection criteria and any decisions about problematic data issues.

• Systematically present original analysis, weaving into the presentation careful interpretation of results, relating this interpretation to the research hypotheses in Section 3.

• Discuss any estimation problems and qualifications that need to be considered with the findings.
Section 5 (conclusion and summary)

• Briefly summarise what the paper originally set out to do, and the main findings in Section 4.

• Relate these findings to the contribution claimed in Section 1 and describe again how and why this is of interest.

• Suggest ways in which this line of research might be usefully extended.

5)  Reference
The reference should be relevant to the report. Please use the Harvard style reference.