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Hello Jassem, thank you for this further clarification, can you now put this detail into the context of your project proposal and state which of these points a, b, c etc relate to your PDSA cycle(s). If you can do this the whole picture of your intended project should become clear, and we can get this underway. A recurring word of caution think small project!! You have limited time left to undertake this project.
For example is PDSA 1 (week 1) gaining consent to prepare and distribute the form amongst your colleagues and informing them of the purpose?, PDSA 2 (week 2) is that the forms are issued to patients and returned to you for analysis. PDSA 3 (week 3) is to review what has worked so far in your project and to consider a subsequent PDSA – this is not one you will likely have time to pursue in the remaining module weeks but the purpose of the module is to allow you to demonstrate an understanding of the process however successful (or not) the outcome of your project.