Gold Coast Blossom Case

Goals of the Report
− to demonstrate that you are able to research diverse scientific aspects of the topics covered in our course
− to research material at a sufficient depth
− to compare the quantity and quality of research as reported in popular media sources versus original
scholarly research findings
− to communicate your research in a clear and concise manner, with proper English language grammar,
demonstrating that you thoroughly understand the topics presented
Topics of Research
Since this is a very interdisciplinary course, a wide variety of topics are suitable for this research project.
The only topic-suitability requirement is that the scientific research in question is on a topic related to any
of the scientific units of our course: physics of light, physiology of human colour vision, and chemistry of
surface colorants. These are very broad topic categories, designed to give you the flexibility of finding a
variety of specific research experiments to use in your project.
What to Submit
The complete research project will consist of:
• academic integrity tutorial (filename: Integrity_Tutorial)
• media article (filename: Media_Article)
• scholarly article (filename: Scholarly_Article)
• your report comparing these two articles, in WORD FORMAT (or other word-editing format that
was used to write it up; not pdf!) (filename: Report)