Business Report writing:

Business Report writing:

You have asked how to write the report. I will try find an example and send it in a follow-up email. Note: write in an action/pro-active/positive and fact based form. Write as much as needed, be concise and to the point, yet comprehensive, utilizing bullets and numbering to itemize and organize your thoughts in the report. The body of the report length should be no more than 10-pages.

The paper should be written in the following order:

Your contact information on the top on the cover page (we went over this in class),
– Title page,
– Introduction page (tell me what you are reporting on and how it is laid out), –
– Contents Page (table of contents),
– Section Pages (these title and subtitled pages follow the order as listed in the contents page. This could include a page for the 25-retailer analysis, one page for each of the three retailers you chose to do deep analysis on; the final retailer selection page. A summary page or conclusion page, you can include your illustration/chart/graph which is supported by everything you’ve stated in the paper and helps the reader understand your overall conceptual analysis of your company choice.
– Reference or Bibliography Page
– Appendix:
All financial statements, detailed calculations, and other reference documents you intend to include in your paper should be organized in the appendix and referenced as “exhibits” in the body of the report. I don’t include the number of pages placed in the appendix as part of the 10-page count for the paper.

Every page should be numbered. Some people like to include alternating page number with title. For instance even-page “numbered” in the upper-corner, odd-page “titles with the students first initial and last name” in the opposite page, opposite upper-corner. I’ll leave it up to you how you choose to do it. But some form should be used. It is considered professional.

Standard professional font should not be smaller than 12-font. Use a strong font style, but not fancy. At times you may want to italicize, bold, and possibly use color and a stand out font to make a point, but sparingly.

Avoid stating blanket-opinions. State insights that are supported by your qualitative, quantitative and or Industry research, and or financial analysis. This isn’t say that you should avoid making thoughtful insights from your industry knowledge. This will push up your grade as much as your mastery of the quantitative tools you learned about.