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For these two topics you need to decide on a single topic issue. At the moment – that would mean choosing either smoking and Saudi youth or maternal mortality in Saudi. Yesterday – I suggested that you might choose either an integrative literature review or a concept analysis. Reflecting on that – I would now argue that the integrative review is not really a viable option. I think that the best and most realistic way to successfully navigate both topics is adopting the concept analysis approach. The intention of a concept analysis is to clearly define the context of a clinical issue that is often mis-understood, confused – or there appears to be multiple meanings to it. I’m not sure if you could do that with smoking and youth or maternal mortality. If those terms are well defined and understood by most practitioners – then you might have to consider a different topic altogether. I am going to attach quite a few articles that relate to concept analysis (including one of my own) to give you an idea of what it involves. It is not an overly-complex research approach but, at the same time, it requires a lot of reading to fully understand its premise and criticisms. I’m just attaching some material in this email – there is plenty of other stuff on concept analysis out there in the nursing literature.

Part of the important rigour process of a concept analysis is a detailed and well reported literature search strategy – so I am attaching two further articles about good literature review process – and another article of mine demonstrating how you can order and ‘tabulate’ your key articles (which is essentially your key data). This is like the integrative review that I spoke of – except you are going to incorporate it into your practice project topic assignment.

For paper (4,500 words) – this will become an ‘overview’ of what the literature says about your chosen topic, detail of concept analysis and what it does – and justification of why you are using it and why you have chosen the particular concept analysis framework (there are several different ones to choose from and they all do different things) – and then a critical discussion.

For paper (9,000 words) – this will be detail of your step-by-step concept analysis process. Look to some of the examples I have attached to see what that will look like – depending on which framework you adopt.

I hope that this helps – and ask as many questions as you need to – to help you understand the task at hand. If you decide that you have to choose another topic issue to investigate – run it past me first. This process is not an easy one – but it does help us avoid ethics and having to collect data from human participants – which we would not have time to do given the current circumstances.

choose one subject which you think is an area of clinical practice that is either not well understood – or people mis-interpret its context.

It will be two separate assignments – but they are related to each other. The 4500 words assignment is a justification and critique of concept analysis – the second 9000 words assignment is the concept analysis itself. There will be some cross-over between the two i.e. similar literature review – but we can address that nearer the time.)
please now I need a new outline for each part one will be 450 words for the 4500 words and the other one will be 1000 words outline for the 9000 words it should be ready the outlines within 2 days however you can do the whole assignment within a week or more if u required an extension .please see the attached files .please all the sources must be published within the last 5 yaers from 2010-2015. cheers