T couples therapy

this assignment, apply the information you learned about T Couple Therapy by writing a case study.” In your paper, describe how you would use T Therapy in your work with this couple. Specifically, describe the beginning stage of therapy (i.e., How would you start therapy?); develop a specific treatment plan using at least three interventions from the T model; evaluate the effectiveness of this model based on the treatment outcomes that you might expect for this specific case and on the personal fit of the model for your own style and beliefs about therapy; and then discuss how this approach fits with your ideas pertaining to your philosophy of change in therapy.

This case study should include specific information from the assigned readings (i.e., concepts from the IMAGO model) as well as detailed descriptions of the process and outcome of therapy (i.e., how the model would look if it were used with this specific client system). The content of this assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Description of the beginning phase of therapy (2 points)
Discussion of the treatment plan (2 points)
Evaluation of the model – case outcomes and personal fit (2 points)
Concepts from the chapter are well integrated with case information (2 points)
Analysis of the IMAGO model in line with your personal philosophy of change (3 points)
Total Points Possible for Content 11 points