Introduction to public heath

Final Examination – Please read instructions carefully – There are four questions for this examination. Please refer to the final exam grading rubric for the first three questions of the exam, including compliance with APA Style format. Please page break after each exam question. References and figures are to be placed after each exam response and will not be counted in each question’s page limit.


The scientific basis for Public Health rests on the study of risks to the health of populations and on the systems designed to deliver required services. The problem-solving paradigm in Public Health practice is a model to apply this science. The key components of this model are:

• Problem Definition
• Problem Magnitude
• A Conceptual Framework (e.g. – Ecological Framework) for Key Determinants
• Intervention/Program Strategy
• Policy Development
• Implementation and Evaluation
1) Select a Public Health problem, something that you have not written about in any written paper or oral presentation in ANY other class. It can be something you discussed in the Discussion Board. Using the materials from presentations, the texts, articles and other sources, thoroughly discuss a public health problem or issue using the six components of the above model. You can devise your own implementation strategy, policy development, implementation/evaluation, or choose best practices that are currently in place.

Limit your response to 15 double-spaced pages. The page limit does not include references, tables, figures, or charts. This must be original work, i.e. your synthesis and interpretation of the data and information you use to solve/address the problem.

Grading will take into account the following:
• Comprehensiveness and use of various concepts and ideas discussed in class, in the readings and via the public health literature
• Relevance to public health and your insights as to the nature of the issue and various evidence-based programmatic and policy interventions
• Use of a variety of significant references and resources including articles and books, web-based resources, class textbooks, in-class presentations, among other data sources

2) Because of your interest in public health as a career or a complement to a health-related career, a producer at a local television station has asked you to provide input into a video explaining public health to a specific audience that you select.

List three themes or messages for your video, including examples that you would suggest for the video. What is the basis or scientific evidence for those themes? How would you use health education, health promotion, health communication and social marketing principles in the video? Limit your response to 4 double-spaced pages (not counting references).
3) Select 2 key public health questions that you are curious about and that you have not written about in any course to date, that have raised your interest in public health. How have those questions raised your interest and how might they be best addressed to improve the public’s health? Share your recommendations and the basis for those recommendations.
Limit your response to 3 double-spaced pages (not counting references).
4) Please review the Goals Analysis outline/paper you wrote when the class first started. Write a brief reflection of what you stated then and if you have made any changes or additions since the beginning of the course. Have any of the topics studied and discussed in the course, altered or reinforced your thoughts about your future goals or priorities in your current and/or future career?

Limit your response to 2 double-spaced pages.

The Final Examination should be submitted to the final exam sub-folder located in the Assignments folder by Sat. December 10, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. or earlier.

Please submit a single examination paper with the four components of the exam. Please do a “page break” after each question response so that each response begins on a new page. Pages that exceed the specified limit will not be read.

Five points will be deducted from any exam that is not posted by December 13 at 5:00 p.m. Papers received after December 10 at 5:00 p.m. (24 hours after the due date) will be penalized an additional 5 points. Submissions after December 11 at 5:00 p.m. will be penalized an additional 5 points. Submissions after December 12 at 5:00 p.m. (72 hours after the due date) will not be accepted, resulting in a zero for the exam and a failing grade for the course.

The grade on the final examination paper and its four components is worth 35 points or 35% of your total course grade.