Psychologist in Context: B.F. Skinner

This paper is meant to examine one psychologist in the context in which he or she lived. I chose B.F. Skinner In addition to discussing the life and work of the psychologist, the paper should include other historical information as well. Please provide external history to complement and add depth to the discussion of the psychologist’s internal history. As you research and write this paper, think about the professional, social, political, and cultural context in which your psychologist lived and worked. Below are suggestions for types of information that may be included in this paper in addition to information on the psychologists themselves: – Were there any major scientific events (in and/or outside psychology)? – Were there any important historical events happening in the same country/region as the psychologist was living? – Were there any world events that may have had any influence? – Who were the political leaders at the time? – Important inventions? – What was the social or political mood at the time? – What were the Zeitgeist that may have influenced the psychologist’s ideas? – Or, anything that you think might be interesting about the life and times of the psychologist you choose. Technical Specifications: – APA format (title page, running head, pg numbers, reference page, in text citations, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, etc. But no need to include an abstract) – The main body should be at least 8 pages – Use 5 or more credible references – At least one historical image (references for images should also be included in the reference section but are not counted in the 5 reference minimum).