History & Systems of Psychology

These questions may be answered in the form of a couple paragraphs each. APA format (12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, title page, running header, reference page) Many answers may be found in our lecture notes (attached) which may be cited as follows: Maurice, J. (2018, Septemer). H & S III – The origins of Psychology in America and Early Schools. Reading presented in https://moodle.elms.edu/pluginfile.php/498570/mod_resource/content/4/HS%20course%20notes%20III.pdf Other information can be cited from other additional credible sources of your choosing. Question 1: What were the Zeitgeist that influenced early American schools of psychology – Structuralism and Functionalism? Question 2: Discuss why the professor said William James can be considered the brain of early psychology; G. Stanley Hall is the heart of early psychology; and James McKeen Cattell was the voice of early psychology. Question 3: Discuss early American psychology’s role in promoting equality among people?