Case Study

Based on the case study as attached.. please write a answer all these question in the essay. 2 single-spaced pages. Each case study summary and it include the following elements. • Description of the Presenting Problem (medical problem or functional problem or diagnosis etc)
 • Background information (e.g., sociocultural factors, family mental health history, relationships, substance use history, early and current life stressors, goals, and coping skills) 
 • Relevant current and past mental health symptoms 
 • DSM-5 diagnosis (or diagnoses) with rationale and specifiers if appropriate (discuss which 
information from the case study was used to formulate your diagnosis). 
 • Discussion of differential diagnoses (Was there another diagnosis that you considered? Explained why you did not assign that diagnosis). 
 • Recommended interventions and rationale (please include references) 
 Please include intext citation and end text reference. thank you.