Book or Article Review

Assignment: Write a review of the book or article of your choice. For purposes of this assignment, you should review one work, either a book or article or a book chapter. The item should be in print. I want you to focus on more traditional print media. In your review, you should: a)Clearly identify the book or article you are reviewing. You should indicate the title, author, the publisher if it is a book or the journal title if it is an article. state and explain the main arguments and conclusions of the book or article. Briefly describe how the piece is organized and the scope of its coverage. b)discuss the significance of the work under review. What does it add to your understanding of the particular component of the economy Kazakhstan, the particular country of Asian Economic history and of Economics and History more generally? c)evaluate the work under review. What did you find to be its strengths and weaknesses? Did you gain any insights from it nor not? Why or why not did you the work to be convincing?