Special Occasion Speech

Topic: Special Occasion Speech
Paper instructions:
the person that impacted my life was helen keller
-I was very unhealthy when I learned about her (in 5th grade)
-She taught me that no matter how many problems I am faced with I can overcome them

Below I copy and pasted the rubric for the assingment
Special Occasion Speech Assignment – COMM 101

Purpose: To honor, inspire, entertain, etc.
Length: 3 to 4 minutes with a 30-second grace period either way. You will lose 3 points for every block of 30 seconds under the grace period and 1 point for every block of 30 seconds over the grace period.
Points: 50 points

• For this speech you will be offering a tribute to the person/s who has/have impacted your life in some way.
• The key to a great tribute speech is making your audience feel as though they know the person you’re talking about. Don’t talk in generalities such as, “he was a very good person” or “she was very strong willed.” Tell us stories. Give us examples. SHOW us why the person you’re talking about changed your life in some way.

Special occasion speeches don’t typically have a thesis statement or preview/review main points. This does NOT mean, however that you can just ramble. Your speech should flow smoothly in a logical manner. Don’t bounce around between ideas, time periods, etc.

• You are not required to use any outside sources in this speech.
• If you do choose to include quotes, stories, etc. that’s great. Just be sure to cite your source(s) and turn in a references page in proper APA format.

Visual Aid:
• You’re not required to have any visual aids for this speech; however you’re more than welcome to use them if you choose. They add a nice touch and may make the speech more memorable.

Grading Criteria:
• Since this is your last speech of the semester I really want to see/hear a polished presentation. That means you should exhibit confidence, enthusiasm, exceptional vocal variety, good organization, etc. There are no required sources or visual aids for this speech so a majority of your points will come from what you say and how you say it. Be sincere! Be enthusiastic! Be memorable!