ERP Systems Implementation & Analysis

Your work needs to be presented as a report which should be produced using a word processor. It must have a table of contents, and a title page containing your name and student Id.
In the task you are expected to read related literature and provide your analysis and evaluation based on both the analysed case-study and the review of your reading. Please note that the bulleted questions are indicative only. You are free to extend your analysis to any relevant aspect of the case-study and to cover different or additional aspects (with suitable justification).
1. ERP system implementation and evaluation based on case study
CarParts is a middle-sized company manufacturing different small, spare parts for the automotive industry. Their headquarters are in London, and have three manufacturing units, two in India and one in China. The company employs over 400 people. They do not sell their products directly to consumers, only to large manufacturers and wholesalers. Their regular buyers include several car manufacturers worldwide, and also a large UK based retail chain. Their suppliers are mainly smaller businesses located close to their manufacturing units.
CarParts has no integrated ERP solution at the moment. However, they do have an inventory and order processing system that was developed in-house several years ago and utilizes a central Oracle-based database. Their central HR department has also introduced the SAP Human Resources module recently.
It was the company’s desire for continuous improvement that led to the decision to upgrade to a comprehensive integrated ERP system in the near future. A major issue at CarParts is eliminating the duplication of information. Using their non-integrated and non-interoperable software packages and databases led to confusion and time and paper wastage over the past years.
Another important priority for the company is better integration with their major suppliers and largest buyers. Although the company already has a Web presence, they are planning replacing the current Website with a more dynamic site offering e-business capabilities.
CarParts is planning to join a large vertical e-marketplace that could provide them with additional opportunities on the procurement side. They hope to extend their procurement worldwide resulting in lower prices and better quality products. They are also planning to set-up a company B2B website (on the sell side) that could result in widening opportunities regarding their sales. Their short-term goal is to sell their products not only to UK based retail chains but also in Europe and Worldwide.

– Analyse the advantages/disadvantages of introducing an ERP solution for “CarParts”. Why is it crucial to have a functioning ERP system before opening towards e-business?
– Outline a business/action plan for the company concerning ERP introduction. Suggest necessary functional modules, select and evaluate possible ERP vendor solutions, estimate cost and benefits and outline a project plan. How the system can be extended with an e-business channel? What e-business strategy and solutions can the company select?

You are free to make any necessary assumptions