1. Please use APA style and the paper will be reviewed for correct grammar and spelling.
2. Use a Nursing Theorist/Psychodynamic theory to guide your care
3. References: Must have three current references from the past 5 years.
4. Include the following elements:
1. Use of APA style and grammer
2. Identifying data but only use the individuals initials
3. Chief Complaint
4. History of Present Illness
5. Psychiatric History
6. Personal and Social History
7. Mental Status Examination
8. Suicide/Homicide assessment
9. Medical History
10. Allergies
11. Current Medications
12. Review of Systems
13. History of abuse/trauma
14. Mental Status Examination
15. Assessment ie DSM DX
16. Nursing Theory/Psychodynamic Approach
17. Treatment Plan/Goals
18. Education and Referrals
19. Conclusions and Summary
20. References including evidenced based data
Rubric for Case Presentations
Scoring 5 4

Excellent. All criteria met Good.
Majority of content met
Some required info is
missing or not logical Most of the vital data
is missing
Content is inaccurate
Use of APA format
Use of Theory to guide care
Articles are relevant and recent
Identifying data
Chief Complaint
History of Present Illness
Psychiatric History
Personal and Social History
Medical History
Current Medications
Review of Systems
Current Medications
Mental Status Examination
Suicide Assessment
Homicide Assessment
Abuse Assessment
Nursing Theory &Psychodynamic Approach
Treatment Plan/Goals
Education Referrals