organised crime and criminal networks

organised crime and criminal networks


Political Science

Social networks are a key aspect of our social world and are often seen as positive ways for social actors to address complex social problems that confront modern states and societies. Discuss the theoretical and practical implications in terms of the case study on organised crime and criminal networks

Introduction: Set out the key points of your argument and how you are approaching this issue.

Section A: In what ways do the policies in place around the policy issue selected reflect particular values, ideas and perhaps the vested interests of policy-makers and powerful stakeholders? You should also draw on the social theory / theories covered.

Section B: How do the policies in place around the issue selected contribute or do not contribute towards resolving the underlying issues / problems they are meant to resolve?

Conclusion: Summarise the key points you have made in the text and their significance in terms of broader social issues or policy.

In your essay you need to draw on relevant readings to substantiate the arguments made. You should use at least five academic references. Assessment criteria for Assignment 3 can be found at the end of this document.

Although there are readings listed for each of the topics for this assignment, it is expected that students will undertake research on the topic and include original sources that they have found themselves.


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