Movie critic review of the movie “The 40 year old virgin”

Movie critic review of the movie “The 40 year old virgin”
Write an eight page film critique on the Movie “The 40 year old virgin” ( formatted in APA. The paper should have at least 3 verifiable citations and Support the thesis and overall paper through textual and formal analysis. Refer to specific shots, scenes, characters, stylistic devices, and themes in the film.
Must include the following information:
Introduction statement with detailed thesis statement

• What is the narrative structure of the story?
• Is the plot in chronological order or a non–linear form?
• Where does the story take place?
• Is there a conflict? What is it? How is it resolved?
• Do the characters experience an internal or external conflict? What are they conflicted about? Who is the conflict with?
• Does the film contain symbolism? What kind of symbolism? What is the symbol? What concept or message could it stand for?
• Do you see metaphor or allegory in the film? Where?
• Is there irony in the film? What kind of irony? (dramatic, situational, verbal)
• Is there satire in the film?
• Does the film help you relate to the characters or storyline? How?
• Does the film address universal truths?
• Who are the actors in the film?
• What kind of actors are present? (impersonators, interpreters, personality actors, stars, wild cards, character actors)
• What type of acting is present? (stylized, realism, method acting, stage acting vs. film acting)
• How do the actors convey the story’s meaning by the way that they interpret their characters? How much of their performances might you attribute to the director?
• How do the ways the actors are placed and move around in the settings contribute to your understanding of their characters and of the story?
• What appears in the mise en scène and how much of it does the camera reveal at any given moment?
• What kind of lighting is used?
• What kind of color is used? (color vs. black and white, single color tints/tones, saturated color, desaturated color)
• What do the camera distance and angle look like?
• What kind of framing is used and how does it intensify the scene?
• What focal length is used?
• Is the camera objective or subjective?
• Are there special effects?
• How are the shots and scenes arranged into acts?
• What kind of transitions are used? (cut, fade, dissolve, wipe)
• How is coverage used?
• Is there continuity or discontinuity editing?
• Is there any editing to imply an action that you cannot see?
• What is the rhythm like? What length are shots?
• Is there slow– or fast–motion?
• What kind of sound is present in the film? (dialogue, sound effects, music)
• Whose dialogue do you hear in the film?
• When and where do sound effects appear?
• What kind of music is present? When does it appear?
• Is there a voice–over narrator? If so, is it one of the film’s characters or some omniscient storyteller? What effect does this have on your understanding of the film?
Style and Directing
• Does the director show technical competence, distinguishable personality, and interior meaning?
• Is the director’s point of view evident?
• How is the film similar to or different from past work from the same director?
• Does the director use any non–traditional storytelling techniques?
• What is the director trying to tell you through the film?
Societal impact
• Does the movie make you feel as if you are escaping your daily life? (escapism)
• Does the version of the movie you are watching have any censorship evident? (post–dubbing, cutting out scenes from the original)
• Does the movie address controversial societal or political issues?
• Can it be seen as an allegory for any societal or political issues? How? What evidence is present in the film and outside of the film for this assessment?
• Which of the genres discussed does the film fit most closely with? (western, gangster, mysteries, film noir, horror, romantic comedy, fantasy, musical)
• Does the film fall into the category of “genre film”? Why or why not?
• How can the typical elements of a relevant genre help you understand the film better?
• How does the film deviate from the genre it is most closely related to?
Application of at least one approach to analysis and interpretation
• What is the referential content in the film?
• What is the explicit content in the film?
• What is the implicit content in the film?
• What symptomatic content can you use to analyze the film?
• What approaches to analysis seem most appropriate to use when analyzing the film?


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