Evaluating an Emergency Plan or Policy

Assignment is to evaluate and critique an emergency or disaster management plan or policy. Consideration is to be given to the development of a Concept of Operations Plan to be used in the Emergency Response phase of an emergency or disaster. The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to objectively review a policy or plan and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you will gain an additional insight into a policy or plan by objectively recognizing the plan or policies limitations. (See Concept of Operations Plan for INTERAGENCY DOMESTIC TERRORISM (attached) as an example.) The assignment MUST be compatible and consistent with the wit the National Response Framework.
Selection of the plan or policy for the assignment.


You may select a specific emergency management, disaster plan or a specific policy for evaluation.
In this module you should present your assign plan or policy in sufficient detail so that your Professor will understand the major issues you may address in the assignment. Additionally, you should identify those areas of the plan or policy for which you will focus your evaluation and analysis for this course. You should provide an overall description and background of selected plan or policy as appropriate. Furthermore, if you are selecting a disaster/emergency plan for the assignment, please discuss whether or not a Concept of Operations Plan should be a part of the required for the plan.
Selection of the plan or policy for assignment. You may select a specific emergency management, disaster plan or a specific policy for evaluation.
The importance of properly identifying and emergency management or disaster plan or policy for evaluation for this course cannot be overly stressed. If you select a emergency management or disaster plan, it is recommended that you identify one which is online or a plan that you have access to in its entirety. Should you select to evaluate a policy for assignment for this course you should select one which is broad in its application and has a significant impact on emergency planning and/or operations. We want it to be of sufficient depth and substance which will allow an adequate evaluation and analysis.




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