Social Inclusion/Exclusion

Topic: Social Inclusion/Exclusion
Short Paper: Students will each write a short paper (1200 words maximum not including the list of references) addressing the meaning of social inclusion/exclusion. You may write a strictly conceptual paper, for example, distinguishing social inclusion/exclusion from other concepts such as poverty, inequality, capability deprivation, basic needs, social development, and/or human development. It is equally acceptable to write a paper on a specific example of social exclusion and propose and describe a successful approach to inclusion, provided that the paper uses the illustration to put forth a definition or concept of social inclusion. The objective of the paper is to demonstrate an understanding of the key concept “social inclusion/exclusion,” and the paper must serve this purpose. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced lines and at least 1-inch margins.
44)Compensation: 1)Fairness 2) Utilitarian Sort-term justification
There will be 2 questions that have to be answered separately. one page for each of the questions.
Article#3 will be used for question#1
and Article#8 will be used for question#2
1)be a problem solver not a victim
2)you can use explanatory footnote
3) make sure to use at least 3 Citations from the Articles IN THE PARAGRAPHS