Study of Genesis

Study of Genesis
Choose 1 chapter from chapters 7–12 of the Chou textbook “What Happened in the Garden” and write a 4–5-page Reflection Paper. This paper must include a summary of the chapter on how the Fall affects that specific area. Then, discuss 3–5 suggestions on how a proper biblical worldview/understanding of the Fall (and Redemption) can practically transform this particular area. These suggestions must be based on specific passages of Scripture.

“The Story-Shaped Life” by Sue Monk Kidd

The Story-Shaped Life Forum
Read the article “The Story-Shaped Life” by Sue Monk Kidd, In no less than 250 words, identify and discuss one thing (an idea word, or thought) in Sue Monk Kidd’s story that connects to an idea or thought in your philosophy of healthcare.

Explain Why You Do Believe In God

Write a 2-3 page paper (not including cover and reference pages) that responds to the following prompt: You are getting settled into your seat for a very long plane ride home. As you get to know the person next to you, you learn that they are a devout atheist who believes that God is a myth that people have invented to make them feel better. After listening carefully to why this person does not believe in God, you have an opportunity to explain why you do believe in God. What would you say?  

Confucianism as a religion

What do you think of Confucianism as a religion? Historically, many have viewed it as much as a philosophy or system of beliefs aiding social structure as much as a religion. What aspects of Confucianism make it “religious?” Are there philosophical or religious structures that have or could work this way (to strongly support social roles and structure) in the west?


There are different types of Taoism. What are their roles? How do you think they might have evolved? Does Taoism remind you in any way of “Indigenous Religion?” If so, how? How does Taoism interact with Buddhism? Does this seem confusing or paradoxical to you? Consider the vinegar tasters. What do you think of this image? Do you think it’s possible for three disparate religions to work so closely and harmoniously together in the west?

Abortion as a Health Ethics Issue

Abortion as a Health Ethics Issue

Consider the following case.

Sarah, age 24, learns she is pregnant, and the pregnancy is 5 weeks along. She and her boyfriend had been taking precautions and were very conscientious about this; and were just unfortunate. Both are graduate students and want to continue working as teaching assistants and finish their Ph.D.s . Sarah doesn’t want to attend to a pregnancy at this time. And both do not want to rear a child. She and her boyfriend are in a committed relationship but have never talked about getting married and having a family. Both she and her partner would like the pregnancy to be terminated.
What would be the morally correct way to view this situation according to either Don Marquis (BE) or Judith Jarvis Thomson (BE) and why ( )? In 230-250 words summarize and critically evaluate either Marquis’ article or Thomson’s article. Do you find the author’s arguments convincing? What would be the morally correct way to view this situation according to Susan Sherwin (BE) and why? In 230-250 words summarize and critically evaluate her arguments. Do you find them convincing? Make sure you make clear how Marquis?/Thomson’s and Sherwin’s arguments differ. In your critique insert your own perspective on this situation. You may agree with any of the theorists or some other ethical theorist on abortion in our text, BE, or elsewhere. Refer to aspects of the moral theories we have been looking at (Kantianism, Utilitarianism and Care Ethics) to support your claims. So, for example, refer to rights, autonomy, responsibilities, duties, rules, laws, justice, or care of the vulnerable. You may do research outside of the discipline of philosophy but remember this is a philosophy paper and not, for instance, a sociology or biology paper. Any material you present should illuminate or support claims and arguments. 600 words.

Your essay should have a brief introduction (a few sentences) and a brief conclusion (a few sentences). Do not restate the case in your essay. Your entire essay (without the reference section) should be approximately 600 words. Marks will be deducted if you go more than 75 words under or over the word length. Please put a word count on your first page; do not include a title page. In your introduction get to the point immediately about what you will be up to step by step in the paper. Your conclusion should briefly sum up what you have argued and shown.

Reflections; parallels and similarities between Plato and Descartes

1.Discuss the role/challenge/problem that religion played in Plato’s and Descartes’ thought and how and why they dealt with it.
2. The effect that relativism, skepticism and agnosticism played in Plato’s and Descartes’ search for knowledge and truth and certitude.
3. The similarities with Plato’s notion of immortality and Descartes’ Dualism.
4. The important influence of mathematics in both Plato and Descartes regarding the nature of and quality of knowledge and certitude.
5. The parallels/similarities between Plato’s Theory of Forms and Descartes’ Clear and Distinct ideas as they relate to the nature and qualities of Knowledge.
The essay must be between 750-1000 words long. (12 pt. , single space) The title, bibliography, foot notes ,etc are not included in the word count.