philosophy of photography

The Final Paper is meant to build upon the knowledge and research of your previous work. You are expected to competently problematize your previous argument by adopting a new theoretical framework and a 3rd photographic image of your choice. You are not allowed to simply copy and paste from your first paper but will have to rework and reword your initial argument to gel with your new research.

Length: 12 pages excluding bibliography and images.
*The comment after the first paper:

Reading the brief more carefully would have allowed you to write a much better work. It’s not that the essay is not good, your discussion of the similarities and differences between film and photography are interesting and pertinent as is your adoption of theoretical frameworks from different theorists. However the brief expressly asked that you choose 2 works of art and that you analyze them carefully. Instead, your discussion is mostly generic, drawing on too many examples that are only mentioned or touched upon. Otherwise the structure of the essay is good, academic conventions are followed consistently and the bibliography is also very good. Unfortunately there are too many grammatical quirks and typos in this essay–please visit the writing center in order to sort everything out before submitting the last paper for this course!