Post-natal depression, either mild or severe. commonly occurs after childbirth. ( Discuss some of the causes and effects of post-natal depression).

please read the annotated bibliography (essay plan) which I will upload. please follow the plan and use that 2 references, the first reference not much cause and effect so not good. the second reference is good so please use more of that. please add at least 3-4 more references on top of that.

References requirement: 6
time: within 7 days
APA style
Word requirement: 1000 words

please use high standard academic writing skills.
provide accurate information.
please focus on causes and effects of post-natal depression.

The structure could be like some causes and then some effects, or one cause lead to one effect. or all causes lead to few effects.
prefer: some causes lead to some effects. ( for example, introduction, some causes and end up with some effects, conclusion) causes could be a little bit more words than effects or could be equal.

introduction, conclusion all needed.
each paragraph must have a topic sentence.

Responds appropriately and precisely to the task, with excellent analysis of the topic.
excellent development of ideas( highly developed ideas) which are well supported and relevant to the topic.
Essay is clear, perceptive and original and demonstrates understanding and critical thinking.

the purpose of this essay is to discuss causes and effects of post-natal depression so please follow the main idea of it.